You are welcome friends to Cyprus

On the occasion of the first Cypriot Presidency of the EU CYPRUS WELCOMES FELLOW EUROPEANS TO »THEIR OWN OLD HOME»

Stavros Hadjisavvas, a well-known song writer and singer has his own way for welcoming fellow Europeans on the occasion of the assumption of the presidency of the European Union by the Republic of Cyprus. Working together with leading poet and writer Leonidas Malenis, who wrote the… lyrics, Stavros has recorded a special song to welcome Europe back to its own old home.

The song under the title » You are welcome friends to Cyprus» is interpreted by Stavros himself, in four versions (Greek — English, modern Greek, English and the Greek-Cypriot dialect).

Dedicated to those who love Cyprus for its natural beauty, but also to those who share the conviction that the island is one of the ancient cradles of Greek civilization, the song says:

» … You are welcome friends to Cyprus. The gracious mistress of our feelings, Lady Aphrodite sends her greetings. This is what used to be your own home; in Cyprus you will never feel or be alone, and soon my friends you’ll find yourselves walking with Lady Aphrodite we keep evoking. And when the time comes to say goodbye, think of the next time you will be coming by …»

In addition to Malenis, Stavros Hadjisavvas has been working with other prominent artists in the field of music such as Mikis Theodorakis, George Theophanous and Doros Georgiades.

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  1. εκλαψα με στιχους , μουσικη αλλά πιο πολυ με το αξαν του τυπου που συναγωνιζεται ακομα και το Τσιπρα στημ προφορα 😛

  2. εκλαψα με στιχους , μουσικη αλλά πιο πολυ με το αξαν του τυπου που συναγωνιζεται ακομα και το Τσιπρα στημ προφορα 😛

  3. Προσπαθώ να θυμηθώ ποτέ ήταν η τελευταία φορά που ζητήσαμε να μας πεις την άποψη σου .. Κάτσε εκει στο τίποτα και στη μιζέρια σου και ασε και εμάς να κάνουμε τη δουλεια μας οπως πιστεύουμε σωστα χωρις να προσβάλουμε ή να μειώνουμε κανένα

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